Changing the Website and Hosting

Changing the Website and Hosting
Photo by Ilya Pavlov / Unsplash

Aggregated Finance has undergone huge changes to its smart contracts to promote decentralization, but one missing piece in the way the project can operate for the long term is how the website is hosted. Historically the AGFI website has been hosted like most websites are, on centralized infrastructure, and so there has been a risk that the website could've been taken down for any reason, malicious or benign.

As of now, the AGFI website has been moved to hosting on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) via Fleek. IPFS means the website is now on decentralized storage, and cannot be taken down by any provider. The website address ( now points to this new IPFS hosting, but in addition to that the website is also available via the ENS address The current website address could be taken down, but the ENS address is owned by the community and cannot be removed.

This is a crucial step to guaranteeing AGFI remains a decentralized project, and in addition to the change in hosting the AGFI website has been rebuilt from the group up and made publicly open source on GitHub. This rebuild was essential to remove old AGFI Version 1 content that is no longer relevant and causing bloat.

So now you, the community, can actively join in on how the AGFI website is built. And if you find any problems with the website, you can raise issues (or even propose fixes yourself!) on the website GitHub repository.

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