Announcing the Aggregated Finance Liquidity Locker

Announcing the Aggregated Finance Liquidity Locker

Aggregated Finance is excited to announce the launch of its Liquidity token locking service! This service is a collaboration with our partner, Signata, and allows projects to lock their liquidity but also optionally prove that they hold a KYC NFT issued from Signata.

Providing the ability to secure project liquidity is essential in the crypto world, but what is becoming ever more important is the additional trust needed from Know-Your-Customer (KYC) services. Some project owners will "dox" themselves by revealing their name or public profile online, but this is no guarantee of actual proof-of-identity. By projects using the AGFI Liquidity Locker, not only do they prove project liquidity is safely locked away, but they also can prove that they have completed KYC with a trusted 3rd party.

The AGFI liquidity locker charges a flat fee of 0.1 ETH to create a new token lock, unlike other services that charge more or take percentages of liquidity tokens. All fees collected are distributed to all AGFI token holders.

With regulations changing to require KYC more and more, this also provides a powerful tool for projects to launch in more regulator-friendly ways. AGFI will never see any KYC data of people that use the service. All identity checking is performed by Signata in accordance with their terms and conditions and privacy policy. To purchase a KYC NFT, head over to

The first release of the AGFI Liquidity Locker is only for the Ethereum blockchain, and only for Uniswap V2 LP tokens. If you want to see more chains added, let the community know!

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Signata is a web3 identity solution for simple on-chain and off-chain identity management. Signata provides NFT-based rights for access control to services, including proof-of-KYC rights. You can learn more about Signata and find links to all social media by reading the product docs.

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