Announcing the Aggregated Finance DAO Launch

Announcing the Aggregated Finance DAO Launch
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Today marks a momentous day for the Aggregated Finance (AGFI) project - today is the day the project moves to true decentralization! AGFI was originally launched as a "fair launch" - a token launch where there was no presale or no team allocations, just a pure distribution of the entire supply at once to as fairly distribute supply as much as possible.

Github - the management hub for the DAO's proposals - is now configured and ready for use:

GitHub - aggregatedfinance/DAO: Aggregated Finance DAO Proposal Management
Aggregated Finance DAO Proposal Management. Contribute to aggregatedfinance/DAO development by creating an account on GitHub.

Each proposal must be created as an "Issue" in the project - this lets the community organize each proposal and contain the discussions to each proposal:

To begin with, there are 3 templates that are available for creating proposals.

  • Contract Modification proposals are related to changing any property of the AGFI token contract or AGFI Governor contract.
  • Management proposals are related to changing anything related to the ongoing management of the project and the DAO Github.
  • Treasury Allocation proposals are related to the changing where any treasury contained in the DAO gets allocated.

Once you've selected the desired template, provide a proper title and description according to the template requirements:

This will then be a publicly visible and open proposal request for the project. Initially the proposal managers will review this newly opened request, and will inspect the contents to make sure it contains sufficient information before proceeding to opening it as a proposal on the DAO contract.

Right now this means the DAO itself won't be interactive for the public, because there isn't actually anything to vote on yet. The dashboard for DAO interactions will be released over the next few days, and instructions on how to use it will be released with it as well. For now you can access the DAO Proposals at any time using the link found on the AGFI dashboard:

The DAO Smart Contract (AGFI Governor) is live on Ethereum Mainnet. No treasury funds have yet been moved into the contract as the team is also in a transitional phase with the wallets it's currently farming and trading with - as these are consolidated the excess will be moved to the DAO contract.

The Certik audit was completed, however the final report is yet to be released by Certik. As there were no more changes to be made from the report findings the project has deployed the final version of the DAO contract. All project contracts have also been added to Github for full transparency.

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